Are you looking for Scentsy Reviews? Maybe you’re evaluating the Scentsy business opportunity or searching for information to help you become a successful Scentsy consultant.

Well, you’ve found a Scentsy review from a third party network marketing coach who has not joined the Scentsy business opportunity. This is an independent review being offered to give you the information to make a well informed decision. I’m not a Scentsy consultant and don’t stand to make any money depending on what you decide regarding the opportunity.

So let’s talk about the Scentsy opportunity.

Founded in 2004, Scentsy began marketing and distributing their wickless scented candle bars through their independent home party distributors. Their innovative product line has been created and offered as a safe alternative to burning candles.

Scentsy has certainly been a hot topic in MLM appearing in the top 100 direct selling companies in the world according to Direct Selling News (DSN). As the official publication of the Direct Selling Association, DSN is widely considered on of the most comprehensive reports in the industry.

A 2009 sales figure of $178.4 million places this fragrance company at a solid 64th place among the top 100 direct selling companies. Company President and co-owner, Heidi Thompson says, “This ranking validates the tremendous growth Scentsy has experienced, but our success is merely a result of passionate customers and party consultants…” The 35,000 independent consultants are spread throughout North America, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

So in other words, Scentsy is a very solid company with a well-proven track record.

But, that’s not all you need to look at in your Scentsy reviews.

There’s more to look at when evaluating the opportunity and whether or not you should get involved. You want to be sure you consider the product viability, the company compensation plan, and what it will take to build a Scentsy business.

As was previously mentioned, Scentsy began by marketing their wickless scented candle bars. Since that time, the company has continued to expand the product line and offer innovative new products that are well received by consumers. This niche is well defined and has huge market potential as it is primarily marketed to women. The safer alternative to an open flame makes it very attractive.

The company’s track record in sales growth has proven the viability of their product line and fit as a viable nework marketing opportunity.

Scentsy does offer a multi-level compensation plan for this business opportunity, with the income coming from two primary sources. The first source of income is from commissions off of retail sales. Once certain rank levels are achieved, consultants may earn royalties off of those customers who in turn decide to retail the products themselves.

The following compensation plan details are offered from Scentsy’s own materials for your review:


  • You earn 20% commission until your first $1,000 in personal retail sales, and 25% on your personal retail
    sales after your first $1000.
  • You can earn 2-9% personal sales royalty, based on the wholesale value of your qualified personal sales. The
    % earned is determined by your “paid as” rank in the Compensation Plan.
  • You can earn 2-9% team sales royalty, once you become qualified, based on the wholesale value of your
    team’s sales. This % is calculated on any Consultant in your personal team who is at a LOWER rank than you
    in the Compensation Plan. The % earned is determined by your “paid as” rank in the Compensation Plan.
  • You can earn .25%-3% as a Director on your Director teams down through three (3) generations. The %
    earned is calculated on your Director’s GWV. The % earned is determined by your “paid as” rank in the
    Compensation Plan.

In addition, Scentsy offers various incentive and rewards programs to consultants on a monthly and annual basis. One thing I noted in particular in my review of the Scentsy compensation plan is how you can lose part of your compensation any time one of your consultants advances to a rank higher than you have achieved. When this happens, the qualifying royalties will be rolled up to the next highest consultant above you. That could be a significan loss of royalties when someone that you brought into the organization advance faster than you do. Just something to pay attention to in your Scentsy reviews.

All in all, given that track record of the company and based on my review, Scentsy is absolutely a legitimate business opportunity with tremendous potential.

However, having a great opportunity doesn’t mean that Scentsy independent consultants are automatically going to succeed. The biggest challenge that any home-based business owner has is how well they will market their business and product offerings.

To be successful in network marketing, you must continuously develop marketing and leadership skills. The fact of the matter is that even the best company with the best product offerings will struggle without effective marketing.

As a Scentsy independent consultant, you’ll be expected to market the products and the opportunity. If you get involved, make sure you learn how to effectively market your business in a way that is attractive, fits you, and will work consistently and over time for you.

Learn how to position yourself as a leader in the network marketing industry as well as within Scentsy. When your prospects are doing their own Scentsy reviews, this is what wil ultimately attract the best independent consultants to your team.

Honestly, if you master leadership and marketing skills so that you attract people into your business, then it won’t matter if you join Scentsy or not. You will be positioned to succeed in the network marketing industry no matter what opportunity you join.

It is my sincere hope that this Scentsy review has helped you understand the Scentsy opportunity a little better. If you want to learn the secrets that all the top network marketers use online to consistently attract new representative and cash bigger checks, the please click on the download button below.
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Use this critical information to build your Scentsy business or as you review any other MLM business opportunities.

All my Best!

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2 Responses to "Scentsy Reviews: A Critical Third Party Scentsy Review Of The Opportunity"

  1. Great information here as I am a true flame less candles lover and believe in being safe without a flame.

  2. Adam says:

    Scentsy is really a great company to work with. Their products are top notch!


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